How a Little Boy’s Twitter Account of Him Petting Dogs Has Touched So Many Lives

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I’ve Pet That Dog

A 10-year-old boy has created quite the following on his Twitter account “I’ve Pet That Dog,” and it is literally exactly what you would think: someone petting dogs. But that hasn’t stopped nearly 150,000 people from following it.

Gideon Kidd of Cedar Falls, Iowa started the Twitter account in April, two years after he began posting on his website.

“I wanted to start a website and post the pictures of the dogs I pet online. I wanted to see how many dogs I could pet,” he tells us. (We contacted his mother, Rachel, first, who supervises his accounts.) “I started Twitter to share my website, and so I could write up the dogs’ stories.”

To find these dogs (and their stories) Kidd says his mom drives him around in the car looking on the streets for potential interviewees. “When I see someone walking their dog, I stop,” he says.

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He then approaches them and asks the caregiver if he can pet their pup, while explaining what “I’ve Pet Your Dog” is all about.

“Normally people look kind of confused, but then they seem to understand,” he says. “Most people let me interview and pet their dog.”

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From his experience, Kidd has gained some key insights.

“I have learned more about the different breeds of dogs,” he says. “I have learned that all dogs have different personalities. I’ve also learned that a LOT of people love dogs!”

To date, he has pet around 660 dogs and tells us he isn’t stopping anytime soon.

“I think all dogs are adorable and I want to pet them all,” he says, adding his future plans are to “keep on petting dogs.”

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