Gucci Fail: Brand Releases Dog Animoji and Its Terrifying

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Brands are embracing the “Year of all the Dog” by releasing products to celebrate our four-legged friend. .. and rightfully so. Dogs are amazing and are an easy way for companies to connect to its customers.

But when luxury brand Gucci became the first fashion house to unveil its own dog Animoji, it missed the mark.

Featuring two Boston terriers, based on Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s own Dogs, Bosco and Orso, the image is terrifying.

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There is nothing welcoming about Animoji dogs who can’t smile. Instead, they look out at the world with a pretty intimidating look like they may want to eat me, or at the very least aren’t pleased they were picked to be the Gucci dog Animoji.

But if you are into that sort of thing, you can find these the Animjois on the Gucci app, where you will also have access to wallpaper, a photo booth where you put swanky stickers on your pics, fashion videos and more. If you want to share the Gucci Animoji with friends that are not connected to the app, well, you are S.O.L.

While Gucci bombed at the Animoji, the rest of its “Year of the Dog” line is pretty fun. The collection was inspired by artist Unskilled Worker (real name is Helen Downie), who gave a pillow to the creative director featuring his Boston terriers, according to InStyle. 

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Michele was impressed and decided to roll out a collection celebrating our best friend. Besides the Animoji, the line features sweaters, hoodies, scarves, jewelry, bags, shoes and more. Still a little creep but at least the dog is smiling. If you want to get your hand on the collection, look to pay at minimum $250, which will get you a keychain.

Hopefully, the next attempt the company makes in Animoji world will be less bite and more cuteness.

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