Busch Gives Away 3 Months’ Worth of Beer for Those Who Foster or Adopt a Dog

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Image Credit: Instagram/buschthegolden

After a rescue organization put out a plea on social media for animal fosters and adopters, a beer company decided to give them a helping hand.

Midwest Animal Rescues & Services, or MARS, posted on Facebook asking its followers to consider taking in a homeless animal as shelters were closing to protect staff and the public from the coronavirus.

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Busch Beer saw the post and wanted to help MARS. Together, they decided to entice potential fosters with an offer many couldn’t refuse, especially as many need to self-isolate at home. Busch Beer announced it would give away three months’ worth of beer to MARS’ fosterers and adopters.

“It’s an unprecedented time in our world right now, and when we saw the stories about animal shelters shutting down we wanted to lend our support,” says Daniel Blake, vice president value brands. “A lot of Busch drinkers live in the Midwest, so the Midwest Animal Rescue & Services was the perfect partner for us. We know our community will get behind us and answer the call.”

And boy, did they.

“We have received an abundance of support and applications to help us get through this COVID-19 crisis, and with all paws crossed will continue after to help us save more pets once we are all healthy and together again!” says Camille Bates, MARS’ community relations representative.

To be eligible for the beer, you must have fostered a MARS dog between March 25 and April 25. Fosterers (and adopters!) will receive two 24-packs each month for three months. (You can read all the rules here.)

Besides getting free beer, Bates (and I am sure many dog parents would agree), believes that having a pet at home during this pandemic provides the comfort we all need.

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“When we get stressed, they’re there to share a smile, a laugh and a hug. When we’re lonely, needing a friend, they’re there to snuggle with you and remind us that while we are in quarantine, it is only temporary, and no one is ever truly alone,” says Bates. “We’re all here to support one another.”

For those interested in fostering (and snagging some free beer), head over to MARS and fill out the application. Put Busch as your referrer. You can also send a photo to Busch’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page, showing you are fostering a dog through MARS.

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