A Pair of ‘Brew Dogs’ Help Deliver Beer During Pandemic

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Image provided by Six Harbors Brewing Company

A pair of dogs is making stay-at-home orders for beer drinkers a little more bearable.

Named Buddy and Barley, the duo tag along with their parents, Mark and Karen Heuwetter, the co-founders of Six Harbors Brewing Company in Huntington, New York, when they are delivering brewskis to those needing to self-quarantine.

Image Credit: Six Harbors Brewing Company

“People started seeing the dogs on the deliveries, and so we came up with the idea of having them [help] bring the beer to them,” Mark Heuwetter, told CNBC Make It.

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They put little beer necklaces (empty of course) around their dogs’ necks, similar to how St. Bernards used to carry a barrel of whisky. The humans, in masks and gloves, deliver the beer, while the dogs do what they do best: greet customers.

″[Customers] have a blast, because during this time with the social distancing, people are looking for some sort of socialization,” Heuwetter says. 

Image Credit: Six Harbors Brewing Company

Before the pandemic, they would be fixtures at the brewery, with Buddy, the older sibling at 3, even greeting every single customer before they entered the brewery. “We never taught him do that, he just kind of picked it up,” Heuwetter says.

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“He was like the mayor. He would go out there every single table and greet people and get petted, because quite frankly he’s a dog, he wants to have pets.”

Here are the brew dogs in action.