A Holiday Dog Parade Brings Joys to Patients at Hospital

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Image Credit: Spectrum News

Patients at a hospital were treated with a special surprise: their very own dog parade.

Therapy dogs from Divine Canines made a trip to St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Austin, Texas to provide a little holiday cheer for residents.

Image Credit: KVUE

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About a dozen dogs strutted their stuff in the hallways of the hospital, much to the joy of everyone. Among the four-legged participants, there was a Labrador, a few mixes and a favorite: a disabled basset hound named Bailey.

Bailey. Image Credit: Spectrum News

“The Christmas decorations and the antlers and the hats and everything, that’s just a great thing for the holiday,” patient Alexandra Wetterman told local TV station KVUE. “So, really enjoying it.”

The parade is an annual tradition, with it being a favorite among patients, staff and visitors.

Patient with dog. Image credit: KVUE

“Motivation is huge for our patient’s recovery, so the more we can improve their spirit and morale, I think the better outcomes we’ll have with their mobility,” Lisa Hyde, the therapy supervisor, told the station.

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Besides the holiday, Divine Canines, a nonprofit that trains therapy dogs, visits throughout the year.

Check out the video below: