The Top 10 Dog Names of 2014

Photo Credit: Eduardo Marquetti/Flickr

So long Fido, Rover and Spot: There is a new top dog in town. At least, a new top dog’s name in town.

After reviewing its database of almost 1 million registered names since Jan. 1 of this year, VetStreet, a website connecting owners with vets, has just released its annual list of most popular dog names.

And for the second year in a row, Max and Bella take the crown.

For the female names, the top three spots remained the same as last year: Bella, Daisy and Lucy. Bella has actually held the number-one position since 2006 (perhaps the Twilight series has something to do with it). And Daisy and Lucy have stood strong in second and third place since 2011.

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Not every name was so lucky. Molly and Sophie dropped a rung and Chloe fell two spots. Lola, Sadie and Zoey rose in the ranks while Luna broke the top 10 list, moving up four spots to the no. 9 position. VetStreet speculates Luna’s rise in popularity has to do with the Harry Potter series.

The female category wasn’t the only side to mix things up. Max held strong in the No. 1 position, a spot it has held for nine years. But second and third place got two new names: Charlie and Rocky. Zeus leaped up three positions to hold the No. 8 position.

As for the name Buddy, it just keeps sliding. In 2004 and 2005, Buddy was the top-ranking name and then spent the next eight years in second place. Now, the name has slid to the No. 4 spot.

Check out the full list of top 10 dog names of 2014:

Male dogs:

1. Max
2. Charlie
3. Rocky
4. Buddy
5. Cooper
6. Duke
7. Bear
8. Zeus
9. Bentley
10. Toby

Female dogs:

1. Bella
2. Daisy
3. Lucy
4. Sadie
5. Molly
7. Sophie
8. Zoey
9. Luna
10. Chloe

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Photo Credit: Eduardo Marquetti/Flickr

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