The Women Who Rescued a Puppy From Being Beaten With a Metal Rod Gets to Adopt Him

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The woman who saved a puppy from an abusive situation got a surprise this past week: she was able to take the dog home.

For months, Arizona State University student Heather Frazier heard howls and crying from a dog in her neighborhood. These weren’t noises from a lonely dog, or one that giving an alert bark. These were blood-curdling sounds.

The sounds were coming from an apartment belonging to 21-year-old Shundong Hu, who reportedly beat the golden retriever puppy, now named Raine, with a metal rod, while being locked up in a cage.


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He was found bleeding from his nose and head, according to reports.

“I can honestly say now that I don’t think Raine would have lived through that night, Frazier said in a statement.”

The puppy, believed to be 3 to 4 months old, also suffered multiple fractures on its cheek bone and skull. He  had cuts on his body, both his eyes were swollen and had a broken tooth.

raine 2

There were two cats also rescued from the apartment, both believed to have suffered from abuse.

Hu was arrested and faces felony charges.

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As the puppy recovered, hundreds of people expressed their interest in adopting Raine. Usually, the Arizona Humane Society will do a lottery from the vetted adopters, but this time the organization decided to do things a bit differently. AHS let Frazier adopt Raine.

“She’s a hero. She saved his life. And she wanted to be his mom. We’re not going to hold a drawing for Raine,” AHS sais in a statement. “The woman who saved his life is going to continue to give him a great one. It’s an extraordinary case, and this is an extraordinary situation and we feel that this is the right thing to do.”

The two cats are in a rescue group recovering and will soon be adopted out.

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