The Reason This Pup Was Crowned Startup Office Dog of the Year

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Image via Facebook/RoosterPunk

Your office dog has nothing on a French bulldog named Amelie.

The dog recently won the StartPup competition, a contest billing itself as the first competition for startup dogs.

The Humane Society International teamed up with video-marketing platform Wistia for the contest. Startups everywhere were asked to submit a 2-minute video of their office pup contributing in a positive way to the work environment.

While there were many entries, there could only be one winner. Amelie, the “head of client services” at branding agency Rooster Punk in London, was top dog based “on the account of her blend of humor, elegance, and adventurousness,” Wistia said in a blog post.

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In the video submitted by Rooster Punk, the French bulldog is seen living the startup life. Always late for meetings, screwing up the Ping Pong action and acting like a princess were a few memorable moments.

Amelie scored – okay her owner scored – a GoPro camera and dog mount, a $500 donation to a local Humane Society and other goodies.

The runner up of the contest was a pup named Charlie. In the adorable video, the mini poodle is definitely living the life at his office in Wpromote, a Los Angeles-based online marketing firm. He gets massages, has time for yoga, answers the phone and also participates in the cliché Ping Pong startup activity. (We personally feel like he got screwed out of the number-one spot.)

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He also scored some prizes for his video.

Wistia also highlighted some honorable mentions including clothing line SCOTTeVEST, where there may be more dogs than people at the office, along with Nico from marketing agency Cliento in Mexico City.

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