Tesla Fixes ‘Dog Mode’ After It Malfunctions With Puppy Inside

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Tesla Dog Mode
via Tesla

After a Tesla owner called out a malfunction with the automaker’s “Dog Mode,” CEO Elon Musk has let the world know all is good in doggy land.

Last week, Rahul Sood tweeted out that he left his boxer puppy in his Tesla Model X in Dog Mode, a feature that keeps your dog cool inside a car by setting a comfortable cabin temperature while letting passerby know your pup is safe.

Well, safety didn’t happen with Sood.

Dog Mode is activated by using the Tesla touchscreen. Fans turn on and a message pops up, saying “owner will be back soon.”

The problem for Sood is he manually adjusted the fans to make the cabin even cooler. This caused Dog Mode to eventually turn off. After 10 minutes, Sood looked at his phone, which monitors all the Tesla features, and noticed temperatures begin to rise inside the vehicle.

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“Probably an easy fix but if I wasn’t watching him it would have been horrible,” he tweeted.

Musk quickly responded. “Fixing…”

The company has made adjustments and Dog Mode “will now restrict any manual climate adjustments except for temperature.”

Dog Mode was part of Tesla’s “Cabin Overheat Protection,” which rolled out in February.

Keep in mind, technology can always fail. We don’t recommend keeping your dog inside a car because accidents can occur.

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