Study Reveals People Take More Pics With Their Dogs Than With Their Partners, Friends And Children COMBINED

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A recent study revealed what we already know: We absolutely cherish our dogs.

The research found nearly half, or 41 percent, of UK dog owners talk more with their dog than they do with their partner. And 40 percent said they were more likely to divulge their deepest, darkest secret to their dog than with anyone else. And speaking of chatting, the average dog owner spends 47 minutes speaking to their pup each day.

Dogs aren’t just a sounding board; they also provide emotional support for owners. Eight-six percent of respondents said their dog is always there for them, while 94 percent said their pup cheers them up when they are feeling blue.

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The findings come from, a UK-based company that makes customized dog food, with its lead nutritionist, Dr Samantha Ware, stating, “We are a nation of dog lovers and clearly value the individuality, companionship and friendship that our own dogs provide.”

As far as companionship is concerned, nearly everyone (96 percent) said their dogs were part of the family, with 65 percent saying their dogs were their best friends. And people like to capture this friendship. The survey found that Brits take more pictures with their dog than they do with their partners, friends and children combined.

Are we really surprised?

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