Shelter Dogs and Cats Are Making Appearances on Video Chats to Get Adopted

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We’ve all been pleasantly surprised when a dog makes an appearance during a video conference meeting; they just make it so much more enjoyable.

Now, a shelter is looking to have its adoptable dogs (and cats) join in on the meeting to put a smile on people’s faces — and of course showcase those in need of homes.

Michigan Animal Rescue League in Pontiac is allowing people to choose a dog or cat to attend a video meeting for a short period of time (and for all of us who have spent countless hours on Zoom, this can be a very nice break).

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“Animals bring joy into people’s lives and we wanted to bring a little bit of that joy into all of the video calls that are happening right now,” Audrey Blaylock, MARL’s communications manager told WXYZ in Detroit.

People can decide if they want a dog, cat or kitten to appear. Once selected, a volunteer from the shelter will introduce the animal in the beginning of the call and help them throughout it – helping with manners and a bit of training.

“We can guarantee that they will be an adorable addition to your call,” Blaylock told the outlet.

For these cuties to make an appearance, MARL is asking people to make a $50 donation for 15 minutes and $100 for 30 minutes when booking. All proceeds will go to the animals that arrive in the shelter.

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