This Seeing Eye Dog’s Former Owner Is the ‘Blind Wine Chick’

Golden retriever Hanley has had quite the life. As the Seeing Eye dog of Alex Elman, the famed “Blind Wine Chick,” from the age of two to eight, Hanley has been all over the country and world, including Argentina, to be by Elman’s side as she unearthed amazing, organic wines.

Now, at the age of 11, Hanley is retired and enjoying life with Elman’s ex, artist Geoffrey Hoffman. But that doesn’t mean this dog is done working.

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“He knows his right from his left. He still walks for the blind; he walks straight,” says Hoffman for our Dogs on the Street series. “He is also a hyper sensitive and emotionally sensitive dog and was part of a special program for Seeing Eye dogs. Hanley apparently has also not lost his sense of a good time, as he still “knows wine and wine stores.”

-Geoffrey Hoffman
New York City

Photo taken by our talented Monique Toro

See more of Elman and Hanley here:

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