Scottsdale Named Most Dog-Friendly City, New York Most Expensive

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As our view about dogs have shifted over the years, — dogs are viewed more as a member of the family, rather that just a pet — so too has our responsibilities as owners.

Indeed, more than 90 percent of people think of their dog as part of the family, and with that, they are spending a lot more on their pooch. No longer are owners just investing the minimum in their four-legged friends — food, water and shelter. Rather, as the dog is now considered more of a “fur baby, people are forking over more money (think: grooming, insurance and toys), while communities are becoming more welcoming of dogs. So, when it comes to the best place to raise a dog, you want a pet-friendly city that is also affordable.

This week, WalletHub, a website that provides free credit scores and reports, published data ranking the 100 largest U.S. cities in terms of pet-friendliness. The company looked at 21 metrics, including veterinary care costs, pet businesses per capita and dog parks per capita.

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Scottsdale, Arizona ranked no. 1. It came in first for “pet health and wellness,” which looks at things like veterinarians in the area, dog-friendly businesses and animal shelters, and came in second for “outdoor pet-friendliness,” a metric that measures dog-friendly outdoor activities in the city. Newark, New Jersey came in last based on its high cost to own a pet and limited outdoor space, among other things.

While New York City came in 97th overall, only beating out Newark, Honolulu and Baltimore, it did rank no. 1 for most expensive city to raise a pet. According to the data, it has the highest dog insurance premiums on the market and also vet visits are expensive. The least expensive was Oklahoma City.

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Here is the complete ranking:

Overall Rank*CityTotal Score‘Pet Budget’ Rank ‘Pet Health & Wellness’
‘Outdoor Pet-Friendliness’ Rank
1Scottsdale, AZ65.938012
2Phoenix, AZ63.5412610
3Tampa, FL61.4810919
4San Diego, CA60.568526
5Orlando, FL59.8127447
6Birmingham, AL59.3732150
7Austin, TX58.2643354
8Cincinnati, OH57.19132728
9Atlanta, GA56.7324575
10Las Vegas, NV56.7363159
11Oklahoma City, OK56.1313377
12Plano, TX56.0958827
13St. Petersburg, FL55.91213423
14Colorado Springs, CO55.51561921
15Sacramento, CA54.95662018
16Tucson, AZ54.47163142
17St. Louis, MO54.37183636
18Gilbert, AZ54.22411165
19San Antonio, TX53.7483864
20Miami, FL53.65331272
21Seattle, WA53.28881417
22Denver, CO53.2577753
23Albuquerque, NM53.04148613
24Bakersfield, CA52.80225732
25Henderson, NV52.8034775
26Portland, OR52.7894107
27Los Angeles, CA52.6596134
28North Las Vegas, NV52.52316622
29Columbus, OH52.2646457
30Tulsa, OK51.36154274
31San Francisco, CA50.9799161
32Fremont, CA50.90824512
33Glendale, AZ50.87532656
34Omaha, NE50.47175466
35Dallas, TX50.44841841
36Fort Worth, TX50.43502869
37Long Beach, CA50.41864311
38Irvine, CA50.3197293
39Houston, TX50.03522571
40Chicago, IL49.97831752
41Greensboro, NC49.9154873
42Chandler, AZ49.83642463
43Corpus Christi, TX49.7897285
44Arlington, TX49.76385259
45Garland, TX49.26475160
46St. Paul, MN49.05407535
47Pittsburgh, PA48.97458226
48San Jose, CA48.94447025
49Lexington-Fayette, KY48.93324193
50Raleigh, NC48.92423084
51Boise, ID48.75497831
52Nashville, TN48.59702379
53Indianapolis, IN48.31203596
54Mesa, AZ48.30693770
55Chesapeake, VA48.28726724
56Jacksonville, FL48.21553286
57Madison, WI48.11677330
58Memphis, TN47.97254098
59Kansas City, MO47.71198062
60Minneapolis, MN47.65745544
61Virginia Beach, VA47.65574783
62Riverside, CA47.61756329
63Stockton, CA47.49398738
64Fresno, CA47.46286948
65Lincoln, NE47.44238161
66Anaheim, CA47.40932239
67Chula Vista, CA47.23815640
68Oakland, CA46.85895333
69Irving, TX46.57476089
70Winston-Salem, NC46.51307191
71Durham, NC46.26296590
72Aurora, CO46.25624982
73Wichita, KS46.02365099
74New Orleans, LA45.96687451
75Hialeah, FL45.62716168
76Toledo, OH45.5569158
77Louisville, KY45.47355894
78Fort Wayne, IN45.45283100
79El Paso, TX45.28379443
80Washington, DC45.20955916
81Baton Rouge, LA45.12514495
82Lubbock, TX45.04268987
83San Bernardino, CA44.77619315
84Laredo, TX44.6669567
85Cleveland, OH44.56467978
86Reno, NV43.99796876
87Jersey City, NJ43.73928514
88Detroit, MI43.44548480
89Norfolk, VA43.43728846
90Milwaukee, WI43.20119781
91Charlotte, NC42.86784697
92Anchorage, AK42.21879620
93Philadelphia, PA41.58909037
94Buffalo, NY41.36609288
95Santa Ana, CA41.34917655
96Boston, MA41.29599845
97New York, NY41.29100628
98Honolulu, HI39.697610034
99Baltimore, MD39.40659949
100Newark, NJ38.89983992