Rescue Worker Pens Heartfelt Letter to Soldier Forced to Give Dog Away

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After his mother passed away, an unknown soldier was forced to give away their dog after he was deployed to Iraq. Fortunately for this man, someone was watching out for him – and her name is Kae Norman.

Norman, the founder of  Rescue with Love, a Melbourne, Australia-based pet rescue group, pours her heart into an open letter penned to this individual, letting him know the status of his “mum’s” dog Prinny. And fortunately, for the dog and soldier, Prinny has found her forever home and “has fallen in love with her Dad, and he with her, and they are now inseparable, and very very loved”

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As time of publication, the post has received more than 8,300 likes and 3,500 shares. Norman did add an update:

“Knowing Prinny is safe and loved has given him a huge sense of peace. Highlighting compassion, kindness, adopting older shelter dogs – it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Here is the letter in its entirety:

Dear Soldier,

You don’t know me, but I know of you. I know you were heading to Darwin and then being deployed to Iraq. You are probably going through more than what anyone can ever imagine – and I wanted to ease your mind by letting you know your Mum’s dog Prinny is safe and happy with us at Rescued With Love.

I know your Mum passed away and I am so sorry for your loss. Losing parents is hell, and to have to give up Prinny and surrender her to the RSPCA because you had no option would have been an unbearable burden.

I read your surrender form which came with her paperwork, and my heart broke for you, for Prinny and for your Mum. You wrote such beautiful things about Prinny, and what a gorgeous girl she is. You were right, she certainly is.

We know Prinny is 12 years and 4 months – and it is not easy to rehome a dog that age, I guess you know that, and thought you would give her a chance anyway. The RSPCA did their best, and she was with them for ages – and then a phone call from a kind lady found Prinny on her way to us – and I want to tell you about her new home. If it’s ok, I want to tell you a little about that.

Prinny was adopted before she even came to us, because her foster Dad Brendan is a Veteran. He heard about Prinny’s predicament – and wanted to step up regardless. I asked he and his wife to just wait and foster her – but it seems I didn’t need to be cautious at all. Prinny has fallen in love with her Dad, and he with her, and they are now inseparable, and very very loved.

I don’t know where you are, or how to find you to tell you Prinny is safe. Maybe this will find you. All I know is my throat ached when I read your writing on that form when you handed her over – and I could not try to let you know she is safe, and very happy. Stay safe soldier. Kind regards, Kae Norman, Founder, Rescued With Love Inc.

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