Puppy Nearly Trampled to Death in Shelter With 4,000 Dogs Overcomes All Odds and Survives

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They just wanted the puppies to die in peace.

That was the thinking of Mary and her daughters Abby, Anna and Alaina.

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The American family lives in Turkey and often spends their time visiting a local shelter. But unlike the shelters in the U.S., this one looks, sadly, more like a hoarding situation than a safe haven offering up a second chance.

With rows and rows of cages, the shelter in Ankara, Turkey has more than 4,000 dogs and not enough food to go around, with many dogs getting trampled to death trying to survive. Since euthanasia is hardly ever an option, the staff is overwhelmed.  This is when Mary and her daughters, along with other volunteers step in.

On one visit, Mary noticed four starving puppies who also suffered from distemper, a contagious, deadly disease for dogs. When one of her daughters noticed the sick dogs, she asked if they could die in peace, rather than risked being trampled.

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All four made it home, and three of them did pass away. Fortunately, they were surrounded by love and were comfortable. But one dog, Faith, pushed to live, despite being at a stage in her distemper where approximately 80 percent of dogs die or suffer from major neurological issues.

But Faith pressed on. Three years later, the dog knows she is loved and safe.

“Faith is doing wonderful. She is happy, very funny, and quite clever,” says Mary. “Every day Faith got a little stronger. Regular food and love was all she needed.”

Mary does tell us, however, she still feels the effects of her early life, including a mouth with very few teeth (they never developed), weak back legs, muscle spasms, and is still protective of her food.

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Mary and her daughters will soon fly back to the U.S. and will bring five dogs to the states, — their three Chihuahuas they had when they arrived to Turkey, along with two rescue dogs from the country.

Check out Faith’s transition below: