After Public Outcry, Moreauville Backs Down From ‘Vicious Dog’ Ban

Zeus in Moreauville
Zeus. Photo Credit Saving Zeus/Facebook

After being pushed into the national spotlight, a law banning “vicious dogs” has been repealed in Moreauville, La.

Last week we reported on the village of Moreauville enacting a ban on what they deem to be dangerous dogs: rottweilers and pit bulls. But one family wasn’t going to take this new law lying down. Mother Joanna Armand started a “Save Zeus” campaign, hoping their beloved pit bull would not have to be taken from their household. After receiving more than 300,000 signatures Moreauville has caved in.

“I’m really excited. I get to have my best friend back,” Zeus owner O’Hara (and daughter of Armand) tells KATC.

O’Hara suffers from neck issues and must use a Halo brace and wheelchair. For this little girl, Zeus was more than just a family pet; he acted like her therapy dog.

Instead of outright banning specific breeds, the village will follow in the foosteps of the state and follow guidelines for “dangerous dogs.” So, if twice an unprovoked dog attacks a human within a six-month period, the animal will be considered dangerous. According to KATC, the animal must be on a leash if not on the owner’s property. If these rules are not followed, animal control has the right to take the dog.

“I’m excited to go get him, bring him home and get things back to normal,” Armand told KATC.

Armand is taking to Facebook to help other areas fight specific dog-breed bans.

Zeus, Joanna and O'Hara. Photo Credit Saving Zeus/Facebook
Zeus, Joanna and O’Hara. Photo Credit Saving Zeus/Facebook

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