Poodle Co-Host of ‘Cooking With Dog’ Passes Away, Internet Mourns

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Cooking With Dog

The internet is mourning the death of Francis, the beloved dog co-host from the YouTube series “Cooking With Dog.”

The dog had been a staple of the cooking show since it made is made its debut in 2007. Sitting next to a Japanese woman, simply known as “Chef,” Francis, was voiced by a man using a “exotic Japanese accent” and served as the narrator, providing tips and advice to viewers — such as how to cut an onion — to ensure the meal would be a success.

Cooking with Dog 6 uSE
Cooking With Dog

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Francis stood by the Chef through many meals, including meatballs, bento boxes and custard. But recently, the pup began to slow down and instead of being attentive, was snoozing.

Cooking with Dog 10 USE
Cooking With Dog

On Sunday, the series announced the dog’s passing on Twitter.

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“Francis passed away this afternoon. He was 14 years and 9 months old and lived a full, happy life. He was a good friend and will be missed.”

With approximately 1.25 million subscribers and 158 million views, fans of Cook With Dog expressed their remorse.