Photographer’s ‘Black Dog Project’ Sheds Light on Black Dog Syndrome

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After Fred Levy overheard a woman talking about “Black Dog Syndrome” – the idea that black dogs are passed over for adoption in lieu of lighter colored pooches because of a misconception they are more aggressive along with the notion they don’t photograph as well, making it difficult for shelters to show their features — he became intrigued with this notion and set out to make a difference for these dogs.

Levy began the “Black Dogs Project,” a photo series of black dogs against a black backdrop, allowing him to highlight their true beauty. He initially reached out to people on Facebook asking if he could photograph their dogs but later incorporated shelter pups into the mix. The images were posted on blogging site Tumblr, and they went viral.

Two years later, Levy has decided to publish a book called Black Dogs Project: Extraordinary Black Dogs and Why We Can’t Forget Them. The book is slated for release in September, with part of the proceeds benefitting a rescue group in San Diego.

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Here are a few of our favorite pics. To see many more, check out Levy’s Tumblr blog.

black dog1

black dog4

black dog6

black dog5

black dog9

black dog7