North Korea Has Figured Out What Is Wrong With America: A Smiling Dog Eating Cake

smiling dog

When it comes to bashing the U.S., North Korea is taking us to task over the poor conditions in the U.S. Yes, the country known for its human rights violations – including enslavement, rape and murder – repressive nature and a HUGE gap between the rich and poor, wants to tell the world about our inequality.

And instead of making their point by mentioning political hot topics like racism, immigration and taxes, the have instead decided to focus on our treatment of dogs. Yes, dogs.

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The country’s state-run TV channel KCTV has a program called Today’s World and recently ran an episode to show the downfall of our society – and used dogs as examples. The video flashes the very famous pup Riley, known as the “birthday dog” (with thousands of memes created from the pic), along with a bull terrier sipping on some champagne, dogs enjoying a tea party and “Giant George,” the world’s tallest dog.

Their point is to show how we can spend thousands on our dogs – expensive collars, spas and attire – while less fortunate people wait in line for food.

Perhaps this is true but it is a bit of a weird analogy and the channel may have taken the images a bit too literally (our dogs don’t sip champagne!)

“I have heard of cases where DPRK media producers used the wrong pictures on a movie or newspaper, but this is the first time seeing it on the internet” Kim Heung-kwang, director of NK Intellectuals Solidarity, told The Guardian. “If the TV producers can’t find the data they want to use, it will lead to miscommunication and mistakes, like using the wrong meme.”

H/T The Guardian

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