New Yorker Takes Dying Dog On Bucket List, Visits 35 Cities

After New Yorker Thomas Neil Rodriguez got the news that his 15-year-old dog Poh was dying and didn’t have long to live, he decided to take the pooch on a bucket-list trip across the country and documented all the adventures on Instagram.

Initially, Rodriguez, along with his fiancΓ©, had the goal to make it to the Pacific ocean, as he always wanted Poh to be able to swim. On the way to The Golden State, they stopped at many places including Texas, North Carolina, Oregon and Arizona and went to famous landmarks like The Goonies house and Walter White’s home from the series Breaking Bad.

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Once they reached the ocean, it was pure bliss for the dog.

“He loved it, it was so healing for him,” Rodriguez told ABC News. “It was like he was five years younger. He was walking with a lot of energy.”

While the family is back at home and letting Poh live out the rest of his days peacefully, Rodriguez is fortunate for the experience.

“I am super blessed that I have actually gotten to do this,” he told the outlet. “People think I take care of Poh, but Poh takes care of me.”

Here are a few of our favorite photos capturing the bucket-list adventures.

Me and @goumada admiring the #graffiti at the #cadillacranch.

A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on

Watching a California sunset for the first time with @djneilarmstrong & @goumada. What a great day. #pohthedogsbigadventure

A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on

Nice little stroll by the water side overlooking my hometown #nyc. Thankful for another day with my dad.

A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on

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Image credit: Instagram/pohthedogsbigadventure

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