Marc Jacobs’s Dog is the New Face of BookMarc

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Marc Jacobs's dog Neville for BookMarc

There is no question Marc Jacobs loves his dog Neville. The bull terrier has appeared alongside the designer in publications like W Magazine, hangs with Jacobs at work, was able to snag the coveted guest editor stint at Love Magazine (guessing his dad pulled a few strings) and even has his own Instagram feed (which has more than 100,000 followers). And now Neville is staring in Jacobs’s latest BookMarc ad (sorry Kendell Jenner). For those unfamiliar with this venture, Jacobs has expanded into the world of books with an online and brick-and-mortar shop (located at 400 Bleecker St at 11th St in New York City) and focuses on a curated selection of books – everything from pop culture to coffee books – along with supplies, tote bags and accessories.

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