Justin Bieber’s Dad Accused of Throwing His Dog Karma Off Balcony

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Justin Bieber's dog Karma Photo Credit: Jeremy Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy is accused of throwing their adopted American bulldog off a second story balcony after the dog allegedly bit Bieber’s younger brother Jaxon. This is all according to dog trainer Trevor Dvernichuk.

Dvernichuk claims that after the father-son pair bought Karma a year ago, the dog was living with Jeremy in Canada when this so-called incident occurred. Dvernichuk tells TMZ after the dog bit Jaxon, Jeremy threw Karma off the balcony into a snow bank. Jeremy than proceeded to tell Dvernichuk not to bring the dog back until it was socialized.

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Trainer Trevor Dvernichuk with Karma. Photo Credit: Trevor Dvernichuk/Facebook
Trainer Trevor Dvernichuk with Karma. Photo Credit: Trevor Dvernichuk/Facebook

Well, that was in February. Dvernichuk still has Karma and has been telling people the Bieber family basically deserted the dog. Jeremy isn’t taking that accusation laying down and is now demanding the return of his dog after he claims Dvernichuk stole the dog. The cops are now apparently involved.

Dvernichuk did tell TMZ he will return the dog to Jeremy, even though he is concerned about Karma’s well-being BUT he wants to be compensated for his services.

So much drama. Perhaps Justin Bieber should just stay away from animals. This is the third time the music star has been accused of mistreating pets. (Remember the hamster and monkey?)

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