In Touching Video, Children Help Shy Shelter Dogs Come Out of Their Shell By Reading to Them

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For years, dogs have made their way to schools to help self-conscious children improve their reading skills. The pups sit quietly as students read to them in a relaxed environment, passing no judgment,

Now, an organization is turning the tables and having children come and read to shy dogs living in shelters.

The Humane Society of Missouri’s after-school program, Club Hope, offers elementary school students an animal-friendly curriculum, teaching members to be more compassionate and responsible people. The program meets once a month and for December the kiddos spent an afternoon reading to shy dogs, in hopes and increase the likelihood they would get adopted.

“Our shy dogs learn to relax around new people and our high energy dogs learn that calm behavior is desirable,” Kathy Warnick, president of the Humane Society of Missouri, told People. “In addition, the program allows the kids to improve their reading skills by offering an easy and attentive, not to mention adorable, listening audience.”

In a YouTube clip, you can watch as the children read to a couple of adorable dogs in need of homes.