Humane Society’s ‘Horrible Hundred’ Shines Light on Appalling Conditions at Puppy Mills

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A puppy was found with untreated head injuries at Andy Yoder's Yoder Backroad Kennel in Millersburg

Dogs in puppy mill facilities live in conditions no animal should have to endure. Males and the female “breeding machines” are crammed in overcrowded cages in unsanitary conditions with little or no veterinary care and inadequate food, water and socialization. And that isn’t even the worst of it.

The Humane Society recently released its “Horrible Hundred,” an annual list exposing problem puppy mills across the U.S.

Topping the list for the fourth year in a row is the state of Missouri with 30 puppy mills on the list, followed by Iowa (15), Kansas (14), Ohio (9) and Nebraska and Pennsylvania (each with five).

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At the facilities dogs were underweight, had open wounds, untreated head injuries, poor dental and eye care, missing fur, feces in their food and water bowls and kept in conditions not equipped to protect the animals against nature’s hash elements, to name a few of the major infractions.

Plus an AKC “Breeder of Merit,” a group the organization recognizes for their “commitment to the AKC Community” and dedication to their breed” made the list. There were also six breeders who sold to the Hunte Corporation, a Missouri-based commercial puppy broker that reportedly sells to puppy stores.

The list is in no way comprehensive. It is rather a sampling of some of the offenders in the U.S. but there are many more out there. They were chosen based on a number of factors including the availability of inspection reports, USDA fines, the number and severity of the violations, along with consumer complaints.

Below is the condensed version. To see the full list of offenses for each facility review the full report.


Barbara Gullett, Gullett Kennel, Russellville, Ark. (repeat offender)
Dogs stood in cages filled with standing water and feces.

Anita Gustin, Kings River Kennel, Berryville, Ark. (repeat offender)
Received official warning from USDA for seven dogs in need of veterinary care; filthy conditions.

Bill Nored, Dryfork Kennel, Prim, Ark. (repeat offender)
Repeated violations; dog had “dread lock shaped matts [sic]” and balls of matted waste material hanging from her body.

Leon Walthall and Peggy Van Huss, Wagging Tails Kennel, Siloam Springs, Ark. (repeat offender)
“Extremely thin” dogs found during USDA inspections.


Christie Hardt, B & C Kennels, Clare, Ill.
Fined $1,000 by state for puppy with parvovirus and dogs with brucellosis.


Kevin Wittmer, Loogootee, Ind.
Three dogs had protruding hip bones and ribs showing; others had injuries to the face and leg.

Humane Society's Horrible Hundred 2016 1
Dogs in need of veterinary care have been found during several USDA inspections at John Nisley’s Iowa kennel. This dog had a missing eye and the other was cloudy.


Lindy and Kevin Aschinger, K & L Kennels, Westside, Iowa (repeat offender)
Six noncompliant inspections in 2015; repeated problems with injured dogs.

Carla Couchman, C & L Puppies, Weldon, Iowa
C-sections performed on dogs in dirty shed on property; received official warning from USDA.

Doug and Wendie Dettbarn, Purple Heart Kennel, Strawberry Point, Iowa (repeat offender)
Repeatedly failed to protect dogs from the bitter cold when temperatures had been as low as -2 degrees.

Gary Felts, Black Diamond Kennel, Kingsley, Iowa (repeat offender)
Repeatedly found with matted and injured dogs, excessive feces and filth.

Lucille Godfrey, Bussey, Iowa (repeat offender)
Dogs found in feces-encrusted, dilapidated cages in basement.

Martin and Barbara Hammen, S R K Kennel, Jolley, Iowa (repeat offender)
USDA filed official complaint after licensee admitted intention to shoot dogs and interfered with inspector.

Helene Hamrick, Wolf Point Kennel, Ackworth, Iowa
Received official warning from USDA for repeated failure to provide adequate veterinary care and failure to give access to USDA inspectors.

Connie and Harold Johnson, CW’s Quaint Critters, Melvin, Iowa (repeat offender)
Received official warning from USDA for repeat, direct violations for dogs in need of veterinary care.

Steve Kruse, Stonehenge Kennel, West Point, Iowa
Twenty dogs found in need of veterinary care, some with fresh blood and open wounds, yet dealer was not cited for a single ‘direct’ violation.

Lora Lampe, Salem, Iowa
Dog with growth the size of a ping-pong ball; rusted and broken wire flooring; large areas of standing water mixed with feces.

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Bob and Leslie Loutsch, Remsen, Iowa
Nursing mother dog was found emaciated and lethargic; received official warning from the USDA, yet violations continued.

John Nisley, Edgewood, Iowa
Received official warning from the USDA for repeated failure to provide adequate veterinary care; did not get sick dog treated even after repeatedly instructed to do so.

Henry Sommers, Cincinnati, Iowa
Odors so strong they caused burning sensation in inspectors’ eyes and throat; received official warning from USDA for improper veterinary care.

Cathy Speer, Milton, Iowa (repeat offender)
Received official USDA warning for repeated failure to provide veterinary care to wounded dogs.

Randy Stoen, Dows, Iowa (repeat offender)
Shot and killed a dog; repeatedly threatened USDA inspectors.

This dog with dental disease was found at Dusty Road Kennel in Kansas, which supplied puppies to Hunte Corporation. The facility had USDA violations five years in a row. Photo by USDA
This dog with dental disease was found at Dusty Road Kennel in Kansas, which supplied puppies to Hunte Corporation. The facility had USDA violations five years in a row. Photo by USDA


Roger and Debra Deters, De Jas Kennel, Centralia, Kan.
Received official warning from USDA for dogs found in need of vet care and repeated failure to let inspectors in the kennel.

Dianne Dick, Puppie [SIC] Trails Kennels, Rossville, Kan. (repeat offender)
Repeatedly found with injured dogs even after fine and warnings.

Virginia Hinderer, Dusty Road Kennel, Wakarusa, Kan. (repeat offender)
USDA violations for five years in a row; supplied puppies to the Hunte Corporation.

Izene Hynes, Hayes, Kan.
Emaciated mother dog found with only 5 surviving puppies out of eleven; received official warning from USDA for failure to protect dogs.

Justin and La Nae Jackson, Clifton, Kan. (repeat offender)
Underweight dogs had ribs and backbones visible; injured or skinny dogs found 4 years in a row.

Judy Koehn, Bow-Wow Mound, Burns, Kan.
Underweight dog had ribs, backbone and hips protruding; failed five times to let inspectors in kennel.

Darlene and Charlene Koster, Rainbow Ranch Kennel, Minneapolis, Kan. (repeat offender)
Injured animals found 5 years in a row.

Michelle Miller, Plum Crazy Kennel, Elk City, Kan. (repeat offender)
Fined, forced to downsize and signed over some dogs to the state after repeated noncompliance with Kansas Pet Animal Act, yet still re-licensed by the state in 2016.

Keith and Lila Ratzlaff, Canton, Kan. (repeat offender)
Dog had nails so long they curled into his foot pad; 4th time in HSUS report.

Moses Schrock, Thayer, Kan.
Failed to get electricity to adequately cool or heat dog housing even after year after year of warnings; supplied puppies to the Hunte Corporation.

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Peter and Mary Schrock, Thayer, Kan.
Failed at least 3 state inspections; matted dogs found in 90 degree heat; supplied puppies to the Hunte Corporation.

Helen Shelly, Shadyhill Kennel, Hiawatha, Kan. (repeat offender)
State inspector openly stated that dogs were at risk; owner was forced to relinquish many dogs to the state due to poor conditions, yet still in business with remaining dogs.

Krystal Tangeman (formerly Krystal Rottinghaus), Seneca, Kan. (repeat offender)
Dogs with obvious, painful injuries, including dog with missing ear and dog with injured jaw, had not been treated by a vet.

Darryl and Larry Wilson, D & L Kennels, El Dorado, Kan. (repeat offender)
Puppy died of parvovirus; repeated sanitation and housing issues.

Humane Society's Horrible Hundred 2016 5


Larry Yoder, Whistling Pine Kennels, Crofton, Ky.
Received official warning from USDA for failure to provide adequate veterinary care to 10 dogs.


S Glenice Viken, SG Kennels, Roseau, Minn.
Dogs went 7 months without medical care even after licensee was told repeatedly by federal inspector to take them to a vet; failed 8 USDA inspections in a row.


Pamela Baldwin, Samples Creek Kennel, Edgar Springs, Mo. (repeat offender)
Severely matted dogs; injured dogs; walls smeared with feces and extremely filthy conditions.

Kevin Beauchamp, Beauchamp’s Puppy World, Lebanon, Mo.
USDA filed an official complaint after licensee repeatedly failed to allow inspectors in; failed to provide adequate veterinary care to dogs.

Craig and Angela Burns, Burns Cuddly Canines, Exeter, Mo.
Puppies were matted with feces; underweight dogs had not been treated by a vet.

Kay Butler, High Point Kennel, Montgomery City, Mo. (repeat offender)
Dogs with bloody lesions; underweight dog; puppies with loose stools.

Kimberly Coleman, TLC Kennels, Clinton, Mo. (repeat offender)
Puppy found entrapped in wire flooring; white dogs appeared brown due to soiling with mud and feces.

Leroy Detweiler, Sunset Ridge Kennel, Princeton, Mo. (repeat offender)
Emaciated dog and dogs with open lesions found; received official warning from the USDA.

Mary Foster and Cathy Griesbauer, Country Pets, Montgomery City, Mo. (repeat offender)
Massive puppy mill with more than 900 dogs had license for one property, but found operating second unlicensed facility.

Caryl Freeman, Freeman Frenchies, Seneca, Mo.
Nine puppies found “lethargic, squinting;” offers puppies for sale on Facebook and but has no federal license.

Jeffrey and Judy Gray, G & P Kennel, Rothville, Mo. (repeat offender)
Multiple sick or injured dogs; fined $9,500 by usda for repeat violations.

Beverly Hargis, Hargis’ Sunshines Kennel, Hallsville, Mo. (repeat offender)
So many feces that the dogs had trouble walking without stepping in it.

Wilma Jinson, Jinson kennel, Stella, Mo. (repeat offender)
Sick and dying puppies found year after year; wounded and suffering animals did not have adequate veterinary care; fourth time in this report for grossly inadequate care.

Toni and Wendy Jones, TJ’s Kennel, Alton, Mo.
Failed to get sick or injured animals treated promptly by a vet; sick or injured dogs found by state inspectors three years in a row.

Monta Lou and Mural Beckett, Soo Big Kennel, Joplin, Mo.
Puppies found living in darkness; bichon had mass the size of a golf ball; Maltese was found “lethargic and unstable;” another was matted with feces.

Eva and Isaac Martin, Cedar Line Kennel, Fortuna, Mo. (repeat offender)
Five-week-old puppies found in outdoor pen surrounded by flies and feces.

Catherine Mast, C and C Kennel, Bogard, Mo.
Emaciated dog and dog with explosive diarrhea for three weeks had not been treated by a vet.

Janice and Kenneth Nelson, Exeter, Mo.
Dog had “golf ball sized mass;” four other dogs had lumps or masses; 42 dogs in need of dental care.

Barbara Neubert, Barb’s Pups (formerly Neubert Kennel and Farms), Vienna, Mo. (repeat offender)
Limping boxer with swollen leg had not been treated by a vet; unsanitary conditions; USDA violations for six years in a row.

Jimmy Doyle Powell, Jimmy’s Hilltop Kennels, West Plains, Mo.
Nursing mother dogs were underweight with hip and rib bones protruding; others had fleas and lesions.

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A severely matted poodle was among the dogs at Mikhail Raylyanu's facility, which received an official USDA warning for failure to provide veterinary care. Photo by USDA
A severely matted poodle was among the dogs at Mikhail Raylyanu’s facility, which received an official USDA warning for failure to provide veterinary care. Photo by USDA

Mikhail Raylyanu, Marshfield, Mo.
Received official USDA warning for failure to provide veterinary care to underweight dogs, dogs with wounds and hair loss.

John and Linda Reichel, Reichel Farms, McGirk, Mo.
Dogs had feces in their food and water; injured dogs found; puppies kept outside in the cold.

Debra Ritter, Cornerstone Farms, Curryville, Mo. (repeat offender)
Puppies with bloody stools; excessive feces and underweight/sick dogs found year after year.

Ellen Roberts, Rocky Top K-9s, West Plains, Mo. (repeat offender)
Sick or injured dogs found four years in a row.

Donald Schrage, Rabbit Ridge Kennel, Edina, Mo. (repeat offender)
Violations have spanned two decades.

Angela L. Smith, Family Lane Pets, Elkland, Mo.
Received official warning from USDA for bulldog with open wounds, puppies with loose stools and vomiting bulldog.

Josh L. Souza, Chevorlet Ranch [sic], Phillipsburg, Mo. (repeat offender)
Dog went months without vet care even after owner was advised to get her treatment; violations found at 22 different USDA inspections.

Allen Strenke and Jerry McClure, Jerrens Kennel, Grant City, Mo. (repeat offender)
Small dog died after dilapidated cages allowed dogs to mix and fight.

Donna Taber, Jet Kennels, Wasola, Mo.
Underweight bichon had “easily palpable” ribs; other dogs had paw injury, dental and eye disease.

Joyce Walters, Select Pets, Anderson, Mo.
Dog without water stood on hind legs and pawed at enclosure door as water was carried over, then drank profusely.

Deborah Warren, Misty Dew Kennels, Pierce City, Mo.
One puppy found motionless and one deceased; received official warning from USDA for lack of adequate veterinary care.

Marilyn Williams (aka Marilyn Shepard), Williams Kennel, Ava, Mo.
Underweight, sick and/or injured dogs found by state inspectors four years in a row.


Heath D. Francke, Sand Creek Kennels & Sporting, Newport, Neb.
Received official warning from the state for puppies found shivering in the cold, no veterinary plan, poor housing.

Linda Hager and Edward Ruyle, Crab Orchard Kennel, Crab Orchard, Neb. (repeat offender)
USDA filed complaint in court after pair continued to sell hundreds of puppies to pet stores after dropping USDA license

Mitch and Alisa (Alica) Pesek, Swanton, Neb. (repeat offender)
AKC “Breeder of Merit” had underweight dog, wounded dog, unsanitary conditions.

Daniel and Jaynell Schaaf, Kuddly Kritters Kennel, Atkinson, Neb. (repeat offender)
Fined by USDA for dogs with veterinary problems, unsanitary conditions, failure to have enough employees.

Paul Urbanec, Pender, Neb. (repeat offender)
Fined $3,536 by usda for repeat violations; still failed to pass inspections.

New York

Jolene Martin, Seneca Falls, N.Y.
Matted dogs, injured dog, and dogs with feces in their food bowls; USDA noted “not enough employees” to care for several hundred dogs.

Nathan Zimmerman, Penn Yan, N.Y. (repeat offender)
Boston terrier kept on wire flooring had pressure sores; Maltese was “very thin;” Yorkie was soiled with feces.


Marvin Burkholder, Berlin Kennel, Millersburg, Ohio (repeat offender)
Continued repeat violations; excessive feces.

Susan Fitzgerald, Canton, Ohio
Admitted to neutering puppies without a vet and without anesthesia per news reports; unlicensed dealer sells online at and

Abe Miller, Quail Creek Kennel, LLC, Charm, Ohio
Bought more than 100 puppies from unlicensed breeders; supplies puppies to Petland stores.

James A. Miller, Millersburg, Ohio
“Extremely lethargic, weak” spaniel found; dogs repeatedly found without solid flooring or adequate space in violation of state requirements.

Merle Miller, Holmesville, Ohio
Unsanitary conditions; severely matted dogs found repeatedly; many needed vet care.

John J. Nisley, Loudonville, Ohio
Dogs found lethargic and in pain during state inspection had not been treated by a vet.

Atlee Shetler, Millersburg, Ohio
Dogs had red, inflamed lesions.

Andy Yoder, Yoder Backroad Kennel, Millersburg, Ohio (repeat offender)
Puppy found with severe head wound had not been treated by a vet; continued to fail to give access to USDA inspectors even after $7,714 penalty.

Owen R. Yoder, Millersburg, Ohio
Failed to get veterinary care for 33 dogs with advanced dental disease, more than 6 months after being directed to have them treated.


Brett Bonham, Calvary Creek Kennels, Cordell, Okla. (repeat offender)
Dogs’ faces and ears were covered in ticks; others had foot or eye injuries.

Dwayne Hurliman, Cordell, Okla. (repeat offender)
Undercover investigators found dead puppy, dogs with frozen water.

Holly Kellogg, Atoka, Okla.
Cages so rusty they were coming apart.

Ray Range, D & B Kennel, Arnett, Okla. (repeat offender)
Puppies repeatedly found with their feet hanging through wire flooring despite repeated citations by USDA.



Celtic Farms and Kennels, Inc., Mohrsville, Penn.
State of Pennsylvania repeatedly ordered vet checks on dogs.

Garden Spot Puppy Haven, Parkesburg, Penn. (repeat offender)
State repeatedly ordered vet checks on dogs; cited for unsanitary conditions, poor maintenance.

Hill Top Farm Kennel, Honey Brook, Penn. (repeat offender)
Nine warnings or citations from the state since 2010.

Stoney Brook Kennel, Coatesville, Penn.
Received multiple citations, verbal and written warnings from the state for poor conditions.

Weaver’s Kennel, Lewisburg, Penn.
Wardens repeatedly ordered vet checks on dogs; 10-year history of violations.

This dog was living in a small, cramped enclosure at Dan De Boer's facility. Photo by USDA
This dog was living in a small, cramped enclosure at Dan De Boer’s facility. Photo by USDA

South Dakota

Dan De Boer, Corsica, S.D.
Dogs found living in a dark shed without any light; filthy conditions; repeated failure to let inspectors in the kennel.

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Joette Peterson, Freeman, S.D.
Dogs in the cold did not have enough protection from the weather.


Melva Langford, Broken Spoke Kennels, Whitewright, Texas (repeat offender)
Dead greyhound found in kennel during inspection; others appeared “extremely thin.”

Larry Dale Rummel, STP Kennel, LaRue, Texas
Cruelty complaint filed after emaciated dogs found; fined $4,375 by the state.

Grace and Robert Smith, Huckleberry Hollow Kennel, Pilot Point, Texas
Underweight dog had ribs showing; repeat issues with inadequate veterinary care.


Mose Bontrager, Hillsboro, Wis. (repeat offender)
Subject of civil complaint by State of Wisconsin for failure to provide timely veterinary care for dogs and unsafe conditions for puppies; fined $2,692.

Harvey Kurtz, Kurtz Kennel, Augusta, Wis.
Filthy conditions, severely matted dogs, and excessive feces; fined $3,089 by Wisconsin Department of Agriculture due to noncompliance.

Alvin Martin, Pine Hollow Farm, LLC, Withee, Wis. (repeat offender)
“Extremely thin” nursing mother dog had visible ribs; other dogs were not taken to vet even after inspector ordered it.

John Zeiset, Lone Pine Kennel, Thorp, Wis. (repeat offender)
Dogs in need of veterinary care; dog and puppy feeders had mold and cobwebs in them.

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Images provided by The Humane Society