How Going the Distance Brought These Two Together

For You

For Samantha and Kyle, their dog’s long journey was worth the wait.

“My boyfriend and I had been looking to adopt and were constantly looking online and at shelters to find the right puppy,” says Samantha. “We knew we wanted a female small dog, and my boyfriend loves dogs with wrinkles, so I kept that in mind when searching.”

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And then she spotted Marley. The dog was available on the RV Adoptions site in Arkansas, after an elderly woman’s dog became pregnant and didn’t want the puppies. So, she brought them to the shelter (Marley, along with her sister and brother) and they all went to different foster homes. From there the little puppy got on a transport bus and spent the next two days traveling to New York, where the couple picked her up and took her home.

Samantha and Kyle have had it pretty easy, telling us she is very well-behaved, doesn’t cry and learned to use her wee-wee pads right away. Plus, she loves her crate and entertains them by taking all her toys around the house, stuffing them in her crate and sits on to all her toys. And their payback to her?
“We’re going to take care of her and make sure she has an easy life.”

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Image via Monique Toro