After House Explosion, Burned Dog Waits Five Months for Family’s Return

Asha Photo Credit: KC Pet Project/Facebook

A loyal dog does not want to give up on her family.

This past June a house in Kansas City went up into flames causing the family inside to flee and never return. But one member did return — over and over again. Their dog, sick and injured with burn wounds, would return to the home for five months looking for her owners. When people tried to confront the pooch, she would run away scared into the woods. Finally, neighbors sought out the help of  KC Rescue Project to see if they would be able to catch the poor dog. After setting a humane trap, the organization was finally able to get the pooch.

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Asha Photo Credit: KC Pet Project/Facebook
Asha Photo Credit: KC Pet Project/Facebook

“She obviously had the will to live. She had hope to live,” outreach lead Lori lamb told KTLA. “That’s the reason why we named her Asha because it stands for hope.”

Asha is now is the care of the SPCA and getting medical treatment. She will soon be looking for her forever home.

This is her full story.

Photo Credit: KC Pet Project/Facebook

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