Here Is the Real Cost of Owning a Dog

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We all know having a dog in our life is priceless, but the upkeep can cost us a pretty penny — more so, than most people assume.

Dog parents and lovers believe that owning a dog will cost them a mere $26-$75 month, but research from, a pet-sitting and walking company, found that the average hovered around $153 a month. Some of the expenses included in the monthly cost include food, toys, treats, poop bag and preventative care (e.g. heartworm).

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Besides reoccurring costs, Rover found one-time costs — everything from adoption fee to microchip and vaccinations — could set a dog parent back more than $1,400.

Other expenses the company examined, included how many people would consider cloning their dog (1 in 3), how many would throw their pup a birthday party (33 percent) and how many have forked over some bones for a massage for their pooch (25 percent).

Check out the infographic to see more insights.