Famous ‘Grumpy Dog’ Saves Owner’s Life, Helps Her Pursue Her Dream Job


A famous husky not only helped save his owner’s life but is also assisting her in landing her dream job.

Back in 2003, Jasmine Milton of the UK was struggling with an unknown medical condition at the age of 18. She was in such a bad place; suicide has crossed her mind.

“I didn’t know I had bipolar at the time,” she told the Daily Mail. “I had fallen out with all of my friends, and I knew I hadn’t done well in my GCSEs [an exam in the UK]”

While in the hospital, another patient with a similar mental disorder told her about the benefits of having a dog. Four months later, Milton brought home a husky puppy named Anuko.

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Milton credits Anuko with saving her life. She became more social, as her dog required her to go on walks, to parks and hang out with other people. Because of this, along with other factors, her overall mental state improved. And while the Anuko is very affectionate and sweet, his fur pattern makes him look like he had a permanent scowl on his face. His unusual appearance had people stop in their tracks, often crossing the street to pet Anuko. And soon, it wasn’t just locals that were interested in the husky. Taking to Instagram to post pictures of her dog, fans everywhere fell in love with the husky, while journalists across the world started reaching out to Milton about Anuko.

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She quickly amassed a following and launched a website and YouTube channel. Anuko even snagged a modeling contract. All this resulted in revenue for Milton. As thousands of dollars started to hit her banking account, Milton was considering what to do with the additional income.

“My dad is a clinical psychologist and having gone through my own struggles, I decided I wanted to be a clinical psychiatrist,” she told the outlet. Now with more than 17,000 Instagram followers and £20,000, or nearly $27,000 in the bank, from Anuko, Milton is planning on attending Plovdiv Medical University in Bulgaria next year.

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She told the outlet that she knows how lucky she is to have her Anuko in her life. “He is my whole world – he is like my baby.”

To follow Anuko’s journey, check out his Instagram account at HuskyAnuko.

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