Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Chases His Tail? We Did, Too.

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dog chases his tail

At least one time in your life you will encounter a dog going around and around trying to catch the impossible prize: His tail.

So, what gives? Well, we are part responsible for this behavior.

In a video, dog psychologist Dr. Barbara Cohl told Kasey-Dee Gardner of Discovery News that we reinforce this behavior. When a puppy first discovers this long thing connected to his backside, he may begin to chase his tail trying to catch it and investigate this strange object. We may ooh and ahh over this performance, making the dog want to do it over and again to please us.

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Another reason may be lack of exercise. If a pooch needs to release pent up energy, she may entertain herself with this activity.

Check out the video to see more reasons why dogs are so into their tails.

Feature image from Flickr/Greg