Super Easy ‘Pup Pops’ Recipe That Your Dogs Will Absolutely Love

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The dog days of summer are upon us and our pups need to stay cool. What better way than a refreshing sweet treat that is also a nutritional powerhouse?

Our Pup Pops are made from Greek yogurt (packed with probiotics), along with yummy fruits and vegetables. The bananas have vitamin C and potassium, while the blueberries and beets are rich in antioxidants. Plus, the carrot sticks add some crunch and are good for out dog’s teeth. And they are super easy to make.

Pup Pops1

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Check out our Pup Pops recipe and video below for a dog popsicle your best friend will love.

Makes eight 2-ounce pops


2 ripe bananas, cut into chunks
1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
1/3 cup frozen or fresh blueberries
1 slice raw beet
6 carrots


3 bowls
Popsicle mold

Blend the bananas and yogurt to puree, scraping down the container once or twice with a rubber spatula as needed. Pour 3/4 of the mixture into a cup.

Add the blueberries into the blender with the remaining banana mixture and blend to liquefy. Scrape blueberry mixture into a second cup and reserve.

Return 1/4 of the plain banana mixture into the blender and blend with the beet slice. Scrape into a cup.

Spray the popsicle mold with cooking oil spray (we love coconut). Spoon the blueberry mixture into the bottoms of the molds, dividing it evenly. Gently spoon the white banana mixture evenly into the molds in the same way. Gently top with the beet mixture leaving about 1/4 inch of space at the top of the mold. Add a “stick” to each mold. Freeze for at least 2 hours. Unmold and feed a pop to your pup, storing the others in the freezer for later snacking.

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