Dogs Being Put Down Despite People Wanting to Adopt Them

New York City’s Animal Care & Control (ACC) is coming under fire as some potential adopters claim they put down a deposit to adopt a pooch only to show up being notified the dog was euthanized, according to the New York Post.

Desiree Kolb was one person who endured heartache. Through the ACC’s online system, she had put down a $52 deposit on a 6-year-old pit bull named Remy. But when she arrived the next day – receipt in hand – she was told her new friend had been put down.

The organization didn’t give a concrete reason as to why this occurred but other animal advocates say that it has to do with a “glitchy” computer system. For one, it was reported the “at risk” list, or animals that will soon be euthanized, was offline a few times in the last month or so, meaning if there was any deposits, they were apparently deleted.

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Also, the ACC has been flooded with “fake” applications, where someone puts down a fake name or address in hopes of buying the animal more time. But when these fake adopters don’t show up, the animal is put down. People argue there should be a way to override the system, allowing others the opportunity to adopt a pet when this situation arises.

When reached for comment, we have not received a reply upon publication.

In 2014 the ACC euthanized 5,471 dogs and cats, up 12.9 percent, or 4,844, from 2013.

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H/T New York Post

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