Dog That Took Bullet for Human, Needs a Home

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After saving his owner from an intruder, a dog is now looking for someone to save him.

Named Kiko, the 14-year-old pit bull mix, took a bullet for his owner after a robber tried to break into their Staten Island home in 2012, resulting in the dog going deaf. Due to financial difficulties, the owner had to give up his dog when he lost his home a year ago.

Mighty Mutts, an animal-rescue organization, has stepped in and taken Kiko under its wings, helping the dog find his forever home. The New York City-based organization says Kiko would do best as an only child, in a home with minimal steps and must be close to the city, so volunteers can check up on cute pup.

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Kiko frequents Mighty Mutts’ weekly adoption events at Union Square, has his own Instagram page, loves sticking his head out of car windows and from time to time, may beg for some human food.

He is currently residing in a foster home where he is spoiled with belly rubs, kisses and hugs. If you are interested in adopting this love bug, head over to Mighty Mutts.

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Image via Mutty Mutts