Couple Spends More Than $37K on a Dog-Proof Kitchen After Pup Eats Everything in Sight

After trying everything to stop their binge-eating dog from inhaling every kind of food found in their kitchen, a couple decided to take drastic measures, spending 25,000 pounds, or approximately $37,000, in renovations.

Owner Sue Kirk from England compares her 9-year-old named Rollo dog to the “Terminator,” as he eats everything in sight. Everything. From yogurt to cauliflower and toast snatched from the toaster, there really isn’t anything this dog won’t try to get his paws on (well, except onions and celery).

And just because food is tucked away in, doesn’t stop this dog. Rollo has taught himself to open cupboards, the refrigerator and dishwasher all in hopes of finding a forbidden stash of goodies.

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While most of the findings won’t hurt him (besides causing him to gain a few pounds), Rollo has gotten into cigarettes, rat poison and chocolate cake, among other no-no’s for pooches (and humans). Over the years, Rollo’s curiosity has caused the couple to fork over thousands in vet bills. But now the Kirks have had enough.

Recently, the couple decided to go on the offensive by investing in a Rollo-proof kitchen. Decked out with cupboard handles that Rollo can’t open, bins he can’t get into and a fridge with high-pull handles, the new space has for the most part curbed the dog’s food break-ins in the new digs. But Rollo still has his apple tree.

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“He loves apples, they’re his favourite — he’ll do anything for an apple,” Sue Kirk told the Daily Mail.‘We have an apple tree in the garden, but there’s never any for us to eat because he stands up on his back legs and shakes the tree until the apples fall down.”‘He’s even bounded up onto the trampoline and bounced up and down to get at the apples!”

Despite the dog being a bit of a troublemaker, the Kirks wouldn’t trade him for the world. “He causes absolute mayhem – but we love him to pieces.”

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H/T Daily Mail

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