Could a Ghost Be to Blame for ‘Suicide Dog Bridge?’

Could a ghost be to blame for more than 600 dogs jumping off a century-old haunted bridge, resulting in more than 50 deaths, in Milton, Scotland? Some people believe so.

The bridge is next to Gothic castle Overtoun House, where it is believed that the spirit of “White Lady of Overtoun” may be responsible for these mysterious leaps, according to The Mirror.

It is believed that after her billionaire husband, Baron Overtoun, built the bridge and died Lady Overtoun would walk across the bridge for years, upset over losing the love of her life. And her spirit is said to have remained there.

Paul Owen, a religion and philosophy teacher in Glasgow, has written a book on the mystery and told the outlet that people change emotions rather quickly when they are near the structure — going from happy to depressed in a matter of minutes. One man, Kevin Mony, threw his baby son over the bridge. He later tried to kill himself in the same spot. Mony believed he was the Antichrist and his son was Satan.

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“I was standing there two years ago when I felt a firm, hard prod that felt like a finger. Something or someone was trying to push me over the bridge too, just like the dogs,” said Owens.

With between 50 and 100 dogs having leaped to their deaths, the bridge had been coined “suicide dog bridge.” Signs are now posted warning owners to keep their dogs on leashes.

If this seems a little too far out, you aren’t alone. Some people think the deaths have nothing to do with spirits but rather minks.

Many of the dogs that have leaped over the bridge have long snouts and could have sensory overload from scent of the animal under the bridge, resulting in them jumping.

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