Caught on Video: The Daring Rescues of Two Dogs

In Sarasota, Fla. police officers are heroes to two dogs. On Saturday, the agency rescued a dog trapped in a storm drain and hours later saved the day for a pup stuck in heavy traffic. Both were caught on video.

Around noon, officers responded to a dog that was under a car stuck in traffic, terrified to move.

When coaxing attempts failed, an officer crawled under the car to help pull the dog. Eventually, the pup was saved and brought to safety.

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Later on in the afternoon, the agency had yet another trapped dog on its hands. This time, a scared pooch was trapped in a storm drain.

“[The dog] was moving through the storm drains, and it was quite difficult to see where she was and how to best get her out,” Kristen Little with animal services told WFLA..

After a few hours, rescuers were finally able to corner the dog and hoist her out of the drain.

“It is unusual for a dog to be in a storm drain, but being that she was probably looking for a place to hide, it probably suited her to run in there,” Little told the outlet.

Both dogs are being cared for at animal services. Officers are trying to track down their owners or possibly rehome the pups.

“Our officers are ready to respond to anything, whether it be human or animal,” Sarasota Police Department spokesperson Genevieve Judge said. “Sarasota police officers do amazing things every day. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to see that that. But we’re thankful that this video is getting out there just to share just a snippet of what our officers do every day.”

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