Caught on Camera: Inseparable Shelter Dogs Reunited After Spending Months Apart

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Sometimes things are just meant to be.

Dogs Abby Riley and Otto were found on the streets of Washington. While they didn’t have much, they did each other.

But this all changed when both were brought to the Adams Country Pet Rescue shelter. The bonded pair were immediately separated, a common practice to prepare dogs for a future without the other one. (It is challenging to adopt one rescue dog let alone two). But Abby wasn’t having any of it. She would often scale the walls of her cage and sit outside Otto’s kennel.

It was a bit heartbreaking to watch, and it gets sadder.

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Abby wasn’t ready to be adopted, so the organization sent her away to get some additional training. While she was gone, her buddy, Otto, got adopted out.

“Yay, there’s a home and that’s awesome, animal rescuer Rebecca of Animal Time TV says in a video. “But you have this bonded pair and they are now being separated, and it is so sad to see them separated.”

Soon after Abby Riley found her forever home with couple Lisa and Tom. But as luck should have it, these two weren’t meant to live apart. So, fate decided to step in.

Lisa and Tom were on the hunt for a friend for Abby Riley and as luck should have it, Otto got returned to the shelter around the same time.  The couple decided to give Otto a shot and see if these two would make a good pair.

In the video below, you can watch the story unfold and see the first time the two set eyes on each other after being apart for six months. Will they remember? Tune in.

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