A dog is staring at the camera.

This Website Lets You Know If a Dog Is Going to Die in a Movie

Many dog lovers hate watching movies where our four-legged friend doesn’t make it to the end. Well, now you can see if a movie plot includes a dog dying and avoid it.

A man is capturing a viral video of his dog's view.

Viral Video Shows a Dog’s View of Her Great Toy Adventure in Her Backyard

A Reddit user attached a GoPro to a toy and recorded his dog hilariously navigating the backyard, dodging dogs and obstacles, in the video.


The 30 Best Dog Photos of 2018

The Kennel Club in the UK recently revealed the best dog photos in a number of categories, including Man’s Best Friend, Puppies, Oldies, Rescues and Assistance Dogs.


Dog Giving ‘CPR’ Goes Viral

You have to see it to believe it.

A man walking a dog on a sidewalk while keeping a watchful eye.

Watch: Dog Catches Treats Tossed From Two-Story Balcony

Now, that’s a catch.