Anderson Cooper Shows Off His Adorable New Puppy

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Between interviewing Donald Trump; doing the media rounds for The Rainbow Comes and Goes, a  book he wrote with his mother, heiress Gloria Vanderbilt; and reporting on news, journalist Anderson Cooper could use a little down time. And what better way to enjoy some rest and relaxation than with a new puppy.

This week the reporter posted an adorable image of the newest addition to his brood: a Welsh springer spaniel named Lily, the same breed as his other dog who passed away in September.

“My dog Molly passed away a few months ago.  This weekend Lilly showed up! She’s a Welsh Springer Spaniel. #TheRainbowComesAndGoes,” Cooper wrote on Instagram.

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While Lily just made her debut, she will sure to be a regular presence in Cooper’s life – both on and offline. The 48-year-old often posted pictures of Molly, and she also made an appearance on Anderson Cooper Live (now cancelled) and a 60 Minutes episode Cooper produced about whether dogs really love their human owners (they do!).

“What really stuck with me is that when dogs are looking at you, they’re hugging you with their eyes. They’re actually getting oxytocin – which is what some people call the love hormone – it actually feels good for them to be making that eye contact.”

Cooper has also helped other dogs out. In January, we reported that he donated his speaking fee to a Norfolk, Virg. police department in order to buy all their K9s protective, life-saving vests.

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