Adorable Dog and Foster Boy Pose Together in Identical Outfits — And the Internet Goes Crazy

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A foster boy and his best friend take over the Internet by dressing alike.

Named Reagan, the 2-year-old Australian Labradoodle, lives in Oregan with Sandi Swiridoff and is fond of her foster grandchild.

“Reagan’s sweet little buddy and best friend is my daughter’s foster child – they adore each other, Swiridoff told the Daily Mail. She added, “When Reagan’s little buddy came along a year ago, he and Reagan bonded immediately, and have been the best of friends ever since as he and Reagan are the same age.”

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Swiridoff decided to document their friendship online by capturing the cute pair wearing matching outfits and posting to the pup’s Instagram account, @Reagandoodle.

The more than 62,000 followers that ogle over the boy and his pup can see the duo dressed in matching stripes, argyle sweaters, pajamas and everything in between. “Reagan loves dressing up, he loves treats, loves the camera and loves people,” she Swiridoff tells the outlet. “He knows that where there are photo shoots, there are treats and praise.” And after playing dress up for a few minutes, the pup gets to go back to just being a dog.

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The grandma is vigilant in not showing the boy’s face and uses creative ways to snap them together, including back shots, below the shoulder and partial face pictures.

This past Christmas, Swiridoff compiled pictures for a calendar and sold on Etsy, with proceeds going toward foster children organizations.

Here are a few of our favorites: