A Super Easy Way to Keep Your Dog Calm During the Fourth of July – and Every Day

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The Golden Retriever wearing headphones listening to music

The Fourth of July is a time to relax, celebrate and have a good time. But unfortunately, your pup doesn’t see it this way. The loud firework noises, music and bright, flashing lights terrify dogs, making the holiday a nightmare for our four-legged friend.

Ricardo Henriquez and Amman Ahmed have a solution for you. The duo are behind Relax My Dog, a company that provides relaxing music and TV for canines, helping more than 2 million pups worldwide.

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Launched in 2011, the pair have spent years of experimenting, along with getting feedback from users, to find the right type of music and combination to help dogs.

“As we cannot go into the details of our secret sauce we can say that the music and frequencies are arranged in specific ways that is likely to help most dogs,” Ahmed tells This Dog’s Life.

To date, the Relax My Dog YouTube channel has more than 200,000 positive comments and the pair surveyed 5,000 owners, in which 87 percent said the service helped their dog.

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The music can be heard on YouTube, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, iPhone, Android and nearly every other music-streaming service, including Spotify and Apple Music. For those who don’t want to deal with ads, the company offers an ad-free subscription service on its website.

Owners can stream the music for as long as they would like and can choose from a number of playlists, including separation anxiety and fireworks.

Here is one dog taking it all in: