A Dog Helps Couple Double Lottery Winnings

A couple has their dog to thank for literally doubling their lottery winnings overnight.

Jane and Alan Slater of Isle of Wight were ecstatic when they found out they had the  winning numbers for the EuroMillions. Taking home £149,089 (around $230,000) the couple were talking about their good fortune, while walking with their two dogs, birthday girl Ruby and Kai. When they made it to their car, Ruby jumped in the back seat, causing a piece of paper stuck in a catalog to “float” down to Jane’s feet.

“I really can’t explain the way this piece of paper floated, it was like you see in slow motion in films, as though someone wanted me to notice it, ” Jane told the BBC.

And fortunately she did take a closer look at the paper. It was another lottery ticket with the exact same numbers as the other ticket, meaning the couple’s winnings doubled to about £300,000. or $460,000.

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“We both burst into tears when we saw the second ticket was also a winner. It all happened in such a magical way, what with Ruby disturbing the ticket on her birthday and it floating so gently right in front of Jane’s eyes,” Alan told the outlet.

The couple had bought two separate tickets, not realizing the other one had already contributed to the EuroMillions fund. The winning numbers — -11, 14, 26, 29, 49 and Lucky Star number three – are the same numbers they have used for the past 20 years.


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