3D-Printed Legs Allow Dog to Walk

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3D printing isn’t just for jewelry making, designing Nutella and printing out eye shadows, it can also be used to change lives.

A pooch named Derby was born with a deformity that caused him to have small forarms and no front paws. While Derby could get by on softer surfaces, harder ones like concrete were a no-go, as they caused pain and abrasions. Well, that was until he met Tara Anderson.

Anderson decided to foster Derby through dog rescue organization Peace and Paws in Hillsborough, N.H.. And fortunately for Derby, his new foster mom also happened to work at 3D Systems, a company that may be able to do something for this disabled dog using their own technology: 3D printing.

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Teaming up with Derrick Campana, a certified Orthotist at Animal Ortho Care in Chantilly, VA, and 3DS designers Kevin Atkins and David DiPinto, the team was able to create a prosthetics for the dog. After printing was complete (in a few short hours) Derby was able to give his new legs a whirl. And it seems like he couldn’t be happier. After being adopted by Sherri and Dom Portanova, the pup is adjusting well.

“He runs with Sherri and I every day, at least two to three miles,” said Dom Portanova in a statement. “When I saw him sprinting like that on his new legs it was just amazing.”

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Check out the video below.