39% of People Will Swipe Right So They Can Meet the Dog in the Profile

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dog corgi couple

Dogs give us so much love: tons of smooches, endless tail wags and loads of snuggles. But could they also help us find love?

When it comes to looking at someone’s dating profile, 39 percent of people will swipe right in the hopes of meeting the dog in someone’s profile, according to pet food brand, I and love and you.

The survey , which asked 2,000 Americans who use a dating app, also found that having a cute dog increases your chance of matching online by 63 percent. And people will go to all sorts of extremes to get that cute pooch shot. Indeed, 39 percent of people borrowed a friend’s dog in order to have a pup be part of their dating profile. However, that trick backfired when the matched person realized all was not what it seems, with 53 percent “very upset” to discover the person was actually dog-less.

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When it comes to enjoying the love holiday, aka Valentine’s Day, more than half of respondents (60 percent) would rather hang with their dogs than a partner. And many are looking to spoil their dog by doing something special.

Here are the top 10 ways people show their dog how much they love them on Valentine’s Day.

1. Buy them a toy45%
2. Give them a special dinner44%
3. Buy them new treats/a special treat  44%
4. Take them on more/longer walks37%
5. Take them to a dog-friendly cafe or restaurant35%
6. Spend time at a dog-friendly park or beach27%
7. Buy them new clothes/bandanas25%
8. Give them a dog massage21%
9. Teach them a new trick21%
10. Give them a bath 21%

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