The 17 Most Insane Pictures From the Doggies and Tiaras Pageant

For last Friday’s Doggies and Tiaras Pageant, contestants pulled out all the stops to try and take home the coveted crown.

The event took place at Toyota of Manhattan on 11th Avenue and was divided into three categories: Active Wear, Talent, and Glamour Wear. While dogs of all shapes and sizes strutted their stuff in front of judges hoping to impress them and grab the gold, the event also raised money for Yorkie 911 Rescue, a nonprofit organization that places Yorkshire terrier rescues into loving homes.

In the end, King Tut and ZZ were crowned king and queen, but it was a close call.

Check out all the insane costumes — and behind the scenes action.

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1. Getting ready for the big event.

Getting ready for the big event. Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

2. Getting a selfie in before the event begins.

Getting a selfie in before the event begins. The dog that took home Most Photogenic last year, is still loving those pictures. Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

3. Ready to judge with wine in hand.

Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

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4. Doing her best Scarlett O’Hara.

Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

5. A showgirl showing a little bit of leg.

Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

6. It seems like the masquerade ball has this dog wanting to hide.

Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

7. Literally, going for the gold.

Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

8. A real rich bitch.

Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

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9. A tied up cheetah? Can’t figure this one out.

A tied up cheetah? Can't figure this one out. Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

10. Turning downward facing dog on its head.

Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

11. Well, one dog had an interesting way of getting there.

Behind the Scenes Doggies and Tiaras3

12. This is perhaps what got King Tut the crown….not sure what his owner is suppose to be.

Behind the Scenes Doggies and Tiaras12

13. True talent.

Image via Cheyenne Cohen.

14. A dog stage “mom: showing the longest dress EVER.

Behind the Scenes Doggies and Tiaras17

15. This princess dog doesn’t seem to be having it.

Behind the Scenes Doggies and Tiaras9

16. No words.

Behind the Scenes Doggies and Tiaras

17. The owners of the crowned king, King Tut, and queen, ZZ, trying to make sparks fly.

Behind the Scenes Doggies and Tiaras16

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All images by Cheyenne Cohen.

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