11 Signs You Really Are a Crazy Dog Person

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We have all heard it before: we are crazy dog people. We treat our dogs like our children, dressing them in the latest trends, spending more money on their food than ours and having them play a role in deciding if we should go out on Friday night.

Fortunately for us, Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling get us. The artists behind Last Lemon — a website that showcases illustrative projects the pair has produced — realize that while some people may cringe at our behaviors, we should embrace it.

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For their series “Signs That You’re a Crazy Dog Parent,” Lazar and Swerling asked followers on their Facebook page The Happy Page to submit ideas for it, telling us that by crowdsourcing the ideas they receive the most diverse and genuine ones. Of the hundreds they got, they dwindled it down to 11.

Without further ado, here is how you can tell if you are a crazy dog person.

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