11 Must-Have Gifts for Dog Lovers and Their Furry Companions

Dog gift guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ….

Are you getting ready to spoil your pup (well, more than you spoil them year-round, anyway)?

We’ve put together a list of great gift ideas for dogs (and their humans), so you can get a few pooch-friendly presents under the tree this month.

Whether you’re looking for a little touch for the home, your dog’s next favorite toy, or a bit of fun for both of you, these gifts won’t disappoint. 

1. A Leash That Makes a Statement

How about a little touch of luxury that will up the dog-park fashion game for both you and your dog? The circular-handle leather leash in classic nude and gold is a showstopper of a leash that features Italian leather, an aluminum handle with satin finish and it’s completely handcrafted. 


2. A Bed to Help Your Pup Snooze in Style

Style meets comfort in this memory foam dog bed with pillow, which helps support aging joints, provides a place to rest your pup’s tired head on, and is weatherproof – and did we mention a beautiful silver gray color too?


3. A Relaxing Massage

The holidays are not only taxing on you — your pup can get stressed out, too. So, give your dog the present of a nice, relaxing massage. The massage oil from Fox + Hound has a calming scent with therapeutic essential oils. Just put a dime size amount in your hands and gently massage areas that need some TLC.


4. A DNA Test to Better Understand Your Dog

Yes, we love them no matter what their ancestors looked like. But wouldn’t it be fun to know what breeds lurk in your dog’s DNA? Plus, top-of-the-line DNA tests like Embark can also check for health markers that can tell you if your dog has a genetic predisposition to develop certain conditions down the line.


5. A System to Teach Your Dog to Talk

Fair warning: You might end up regretting this. Speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger has become Instagram-famous for teaching her dog Stella to “talk” using buttons that can be programmed with different words. Stella can now ask for food or her favorite toy, tell her humans she wants to go out, or express happiness or concerns about noises and events. You can learn more about it by buying Hunger’s book, How Stella Learned to Talk. Or you can get your own set of talking buttons to teach your dog to talk..


6. A Dog Carrier to Travel in Style

Are you already dreaming of where you’ll bring your furry sidekick next year for lots of travel fun? Our Wagwear’s carrier will make sure that wherever you go, your pooch will arrive in comfort, safety (an interior strap allows you to clip the collar or harness to ensure your dog cannot jump out) and style. Plus, there are plenty of zipper pocket to carry all your dog’s needs..


7. A Way to Soothe Tired Winter Paws

We’re assuming you already grabbed a great winter jacket and some cool new booties to get you through the snowy days, but Fido’s little naked toes need some protection too. Our organic shea butter and beeswax paw balm is perfect to protect toes against the damage caused by salt, ice and freezing weather. Just massage a bit on the paws to help soothe dry and cracked skin.  .


8. A Puzzle to Beat Boredom

Bored dogs are pups that will get in trouble, whether that means chewing your shoes, getting into the garbage or creating their own (often not human-approved) entertainment. Puzzles give dogs a job and helps them burn out mental energy. And while there are plenty of brands out there offering options to keep your dog’s brain busy, Outward Hound (which distributes the famous Nina Ottoson brand) puzzles are especially great because they come in different levels depending on how good your dog is at solving riddles.


9. A Scent That Promotes Sweet Dreams

This natural dog bed spray made with all-natural ingredients like lavender and grapefruit plays double duty in any home. It will help create a relaxing environment so your dog can catch some zzzz’s without stress, and it will also eliminate any icky smells you pooch might have dragged in after a long day of too much fun!


10. A Camera to Keep Tabs On Your Dog

Let’s be honest: You have no idea if your pooch spends the day waiting by the door or getting in trouble once you leave to run errands. Enter the Furbo Dog Camera, a full HD Wifi Camera with two-way-audio (so you can actually talk to your dog from wherever you are), treat-tossing capabilities, night vision, and barking alerts. It even works with Amazon Alexa.


11. Treats That Give Back to the Planet

Chippin’s cricket protein treats are good for dogs; they are highly digestible, have 10 essential amino acids, and are great for sensitive tummies. Plus, the protein uses 80% less resources (think: land and water) than traditional meat protein.


By Diana Bocco

Diana Bocco is a full-time writer and dog lover. She's certified in pet CPR, used to run a dog rescue group in Thailand, and currently shares her home with two rescue dogs. Her work has been published on PetMD, Animal Wellness, the Discovery Channel, and more. Find more on her website at

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