Simple and Free Way to Help Homeless Dogs on National Mutt Day

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Approximately 75 percent of dogs that enter shelters are mixed breeds. With today being National Mutt Day, we discovered a way to both celebrate these amazing pups and help them out. And all you need to do is walk your dog.

An called app, “Walk for a Dog” not only acts like a fitness tracker — recording the distance, average speed and route of your dog walk — but also raises money for the local shelter or rescue of your choice.

All people need to do is download the app from the Apple or Google store, hit “start walking” and voila. Once people are done exercising their pooch, their walk is credited to a shelter of choice. (Currently, the app has 7,000 organizations participating.)  It doesn’t matter if someone takes her dog around the block or for a very long hike, the organization still gets the same amount.

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And for those that want to participate but don’t have a dog, they can always use Walk for a Dog’s virtual pup, Cassie, named after founder’s own rescue.

Donations are funded by sponsorship, advertising, and investors. If interested, you can download Walk for a Dog in the Apple Store or Walk for a Dog in the Android store.

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