Woman Swears She Sees Her Dog’s Ghost in Video

After losing her beloved cocker spaniel, a woman believes she saw the spirit of her deceased dog run across the room while recording a video of her new puppy.

Kimberly Pearce of North Carolina made the difficult decision to put down Bella, her senior dog just days before her 13th birthday.

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“I felt so guilty because I was the one who made that decision to have her put down. I signed the papers,” Pearce tells the Daily Mail. “I was shaking even just writing my name on them.”

She says that she asked Sadie to forgive her and to show her a sign she was okay.

According to Pearce, that sign occurred about a week after Sadie’s passing. Pearce’s husband, Chad, got her a morkie puppy – cross between a yorkie and maltese — named Bella to comfort her, as she was still mourning the death of Sadie.

“My husband got me Bella the morkie puppy, because I hadn’t stopped crying since Sadie died, and it was to try and help,” says Pearce, who also has a golden retriever.

It was when Pearce was videotaping Bella that she believes she saw Sadie’s ghost scamper across the floor. When Pearce is calling for Bella to come, it appears that a dog-shaped figure appears, running.

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“It was only a few days after when I was showing the video to a friend that I saw her appear. I just knew it was her. That was my dog,” she tells the outlet, adding, “I think her appearing was her telling me, ‘It’s okay, momma, I’m here. I’m not mad at you. I will be here waiting for you.’”

While some may believe there are other causes for the dog-looking apparition, Pearce says this isn’t the case. “The video had been taken around lunchtime and no cars go past my house to make a reflection, and no birds for a shadow or anything,” she says “We live quite far out in the country. There was nothing else it could have been.”

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Pearce doesn’t have her hopes up that Sadie will appear again, but is thankful she let her know everything is okay.

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