With the Help of a Sniffer Dog, Firefighters Discover Pup Buried Under Earthquake Rubble in Italy

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Vigili del Fuoco

A dog buried under the rubble from Italy’s’ most recent earthquake was saved be rescuers – with one being a four-legged friend.

Italian firefighters were searching for survivors in the village of Norcia, an area that was close to the epicenter of the 6.6 magnitude earthquake that struck the country on Sunday.

A sniffer dog was part of the crew and picked up on a scent. He took rescuers to a spot where only a dog’s paws and muzzle were showing, everything else was completely buried.

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The firefighters got to work, spending quite an extensive amount of time digging out the pup.

When they were able to partially free him, the dog quickly slurping up water. When the pup was completely removed from the rubble, he was able to stand on his own.

Now named Ulysses, the dog made his way to the vet. Surprisingly, he did not sustain any major injuries. While Ulysses, dubbed by the media as “miracle dog,” was not microchipped, workers are hopeful he will be reunited with his owners.

Image credit: Vigili del Fuoco
Image credit: Vigili del Fuoco

This is the second major earthquake to strike Italy in recent months, with the first one, a magnitude 6.2, hitting the country in August. The most recent one is the biggest earthquake in Italy in the past three decades.

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Firefighters, along with animal rescuers, are still looking for people and pets. To date, there have been no reported deaths.