We Can’t Get Enough of Patrick Stewart’s Love for His Foster Pit Bull

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After falling in love with his neighbor’s pit bull, Patrick Stewart decided to foster one – and their relationship couldn’t be cuter.

Thanks to local rescue Wags & Walks and the ASPCA, the Star Trek actor was introduced to Ginger, a red pit bull found on the streets.

When the two met last week, it was basically love at first sight.

Ginger eager to please, had no problem giving Stewart kisses, with the actor telling her, “That was a very nice greeting.”

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And since then, the world has been captivated by his daily adventures with Ginger. In an Instagram post from Friday, Stewart was seen soaking up the rays in the pool, while Ginger showers him with kisses. During the adorable exchange, Steward teasingly says “I am getting pushed in,” by her kisses. 

In another post, Ginger is seen sprawled on the couch, as Stewart admits he may not be the best foster when it comes to being an authoritative figure. “From what I understand rules and consistency are everything as a foster dog parent.” The video clip ends with him giving her a little kiss.

And he isn’t the only one smitten with the dog – his wife, Sunny Ozell is too. On her Instagram feed, she also introduced the pit bull to her fans. “Meet Ginger. We’ve loved pit bulls since meeting our neighbor pibble Sadie, and fostering is a great way for us to love this beautiful breed. Thank you @aspca and @wagsandwalks for connecting us with this gorgeous being. We’re already in love.” 

She later adds, “I apologize in advance for the flood of foster pibble posts,” next to a video with Ginger stealing her shoes.

To find out more information about adopting Ginger, head over to Wags & Walks – that is unless Stewart and his wife become foster failures.

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